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First-Time Buyers
• Middle-class families who are looking for a foot in the door to home ownership based on affordability.
• These buyers are looking for a comfortable, liveable home and are likely to be drawn to homes with large gardens that provide plenty of room for gardening and space for children to play.
• Generally want at least two bedrooms and two full bathrooms to accommodate expanding families and room for visitors to stay.

Move-Up Buyers
• Professionals who want to trade their existing homes for larger, more luxurious houses due to a change in income, new baby or marriage.
• They are looking for a home that allows them to live the lifestyle of their dreams.
• Their must-have features include modern kitchens, luxury bathrooms and a pool and will appreciate modern, high-tech design.

Investor Buyers
• High net worth real estate investors who specialize in buying and selling homes. These buyers often have many homes in the area and want to purchase another home to flip or rent to middle-class families or professionals.
• When it comes to purchasing a home, these buyers are receptive, sharp and attentive, although they are generally also thrifty and savvy.

Rent to Own
• Is normally a buyer who wants to buy but is not ready to do so yet.
• This buyer typically has credit issues and will need time to fix it up in order to qualify for a loan.
• This is also called a lease option buyer.

Relocation Home Buyer
• This buyer is rock solid and qualified to buy.
• They know they only have a limited amount of time to find a property so they want to see as many houses as they can.
• They want a professional to help find them homes, and show them as many as possible.

Young Millennial Buyer
• These buyers do not necessarily rely on seasons and school schedules to purchase homes. For this group of buyers, the market is on at all times.
• They are very active buyers, and most importantly millennial want suburbs that feel like a city, they are fully connected, visual and will view listings at any time of the day.
• Most of these buyers prefer seeing homes that appeal to them on their own time.

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